Policy Against Money Laundering

Objective: The Company’s Anti-Money Laundering Protocol intends to fulfill the rules, obligations, regulations and policy established by the Financial Action Task Force to fight against terrorist financing, money laundering and risk at the integrity of the international financial system.

Section 1. Protocol.

  • Anti Money Laundering covers a set of measures, regulations, rules or laws created to break, if possible permanently, the accumulation of profit, money or funds in unconstitutional and or illegal course of actions. It involves conducting financial transactions with the use of illegal money and or making an illegal transaction appears legitimate.

    All of the trading transactions of the Company shall be free from any form of money laundering. The Company operates with integrity and committed to implementing the measures established. The Client’s failure to comply with the regulations set by the Company would mean termination of his/her account. If the Client is proven of committing money laundering , he/she is responsible for any damage or loss which may occur and the Company is excluded from his/her fraudulent actions.

Section2. General Measures.

  • The Company has the sole right to (i) check the identity of the Client, (ii) monitor any suspicious Client activities and/or transactions (iii) have a record of all the related information and/or documents of the Client’s financial transactions.

    The Client must be aware of all the regulations imposed by the Company.

Section 3. Limitations.

  • The Company does not acknowledge a Client who (i) uses anonymous and/or false names (ii) has been proven related to any form of money-laundering activities (iii) can’t explain the source of his/her money in case he/she deposits suspicious amount.

    The Company does not accept any form of transactions which are proven and or believed to be connected with any laundering or criminal activity. The Company may not notify the Client that his/her activities are reported to be fraudulent, criminal or suspicious.

When depositing money, the sender’s name and the present information of the Client should match. In case there is any form of discrepancy, the Company automatically cancels or suspends the transaction. Further to this, third parties are forbidden to to conduct the transaction in replace of the Client. All the third party checks must pass through and be checked by the Company first. If in any case the check is not approved by the Company, it is considered invalid.

Likewise, the information about the withdrawal recipient name and the account holder has to be the same. Withdrawal through wire transfer is only permitted ONLY at the same bank which has the same account name from where the money and or the funds was deposited.While, withdrawal through the online payment system is allowed ONLY at the same account and/or wallet from where it was deposited.

Section 4. Authorities

  • The Company has Compliance Officers who monitor the attainment of the policies, rules and regulations written on the Agreement. The Compliance Officers check if there are any suspicious transactions and reports associated with the Company. In addition to, the Compliance Officers ensure the implementation of the laws against the money laundering.

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