Client Identification Guidline

Objective: The main objective of this Guideline is for the protection of the Company and of the Client and for the prevention of having a false identity and having a fraudulent account.

Principal Objectives

  • I. Verify the identity of the Client/Client
  • II. Establish the Requirements
  • III. Prevent the illegal actions or activities of the Client
  • IV. Confirm the legitimacy of the data and/or personal information provided by the Client
  • V. Examine the transactions of the Client

Section 1: Identification of the Client

Clients are required to provide up-to-date identification details and inform the company in any changes or modification. The Client must hand over current the following identification information, complete name, current residence, a document or proof of previous and/or history of online transaction and e-mail address. The company requires additional documents such as the electronic copy of authentic and/or bona fide passport and its signature, recent utility bill and credit card/s.

Section2: Records

All the information, data, documents provided by the Client are kept confidential and private by the Company, thus, are not available to any other parties or entities unless the Client provided a written consent. Under the written consent, the Client shall not be responsible for any loss or damages which may occur. The Client understands that he/she has full control of his/her account, therefore, any form of misconduct is charged against him/her. The Company protects the documents and/or information provided by the Client with the most advanced security systems. All the information acquired from the Client in opening an account shall be considered as part of Client’s Profile.The Client should submit the needed information at

Section 3: Restrictions

The Company does not allow any form of transaction with Clients without the information needed. In that case, the company has the sole right to cancel and/or suspend the trading transaction of the Client. Further to this, The account of the Client, who fails to submit the identification documents or to notify the Client the modification in the contact and or personal information, is subject to suspension. The Client is restricted to perform any transaction with the Company and/or the company’s online trading platform in case it is proven that he/she provided false and/or illegal identification documents and/or he or she is proven to have an involvement in any form of criminal activities.

Section 4: Transaction and Fraudulent Information

The Company is not held responsible for the risks that the Client may face and all the loss which may occur in case he/she provides false information and/or details.The Company does not permit any transaction to take place in the absence of the required documents.

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